Specialising in personal safety and self protection courses for women in the workplace

Why we do what we do?

I believe every women should have the knowledge to protect themselves. Not that they should have to but until attitudes change and society tackles the current problems nothing will change. As a father I saw it as my duty to make sure my daughter could protect herself should the need arise.

In 2008 my daughter came to me and said she no longer wanted to go to after school care and wanted to walk home she was just about to go to high school. My answer was "well you need to learn a martial art" and I am so glad that she did! Fast forward to 2018 she has moved out of home, going to university, working part time and yes I see her when she needs something. She is more than capable of protecting herself as a 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. My new wife is also a 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. I can be assured that if anyone trys to bother the women in my life they are more than capable of taking care of themselves.

Even though they should not have to protect themselves they can and will do if need be. I can rest in the knowledge as a father,  husband and 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo that I have done my job.

The sad truth of violence against women in Australia

It is a sad statistic to read that on average *one women in Australia is killed every week . As of June 2018 the total is at thirty women killed this year alone that has been recorded. *One in five Australian women have experienced sexual violence and *one in three physical violence. Violence against women impacts the home, workplace and the wider community. Violence against women takes many forms this includes physical, sexual, physcological and emotional.
* sources:,au &

It is important that attitudes begin to change within the community to change and shift disrespectful language, and attitudes. Until this happens women need help in learning practical skills to confidently protect themselves and learn awareness of their immediate environment.

*Violence against women    in the workplace impacts on the organisational climate and employees sense of wellbeing
What we do
One-approach2fitness provides education in personal safety and protection for women in the workplace . Our primary focus on developing these courses is on learning practical skills & techniques to enhance personal safety, build awareness of personal space and surroundings and to feel empowered and confident in protecting themselves.

The good news here is that your female staff will not need to have martial arts experience the courses will be delivered in basic to advanced modules monitored by hours spent learning the techniques at each level. The courses are delivered by an expert in his field a 4th  Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo with many years of instruction and experience under his belt!

How we do it

We firmly believe that to implement change with this wide spread societal problem it needs to become everyones responsiblity. Those that have the power to implement change to make it happen are governments, corporate companies, organisations and small businesses.

We will be contacting Human Resources Managers, Directors, CEO`s and change makers within organisations to look at ways to implement incentives that help protect their female staff.  Our Womens Personal Safety and Self Protection courses will equip your employees with hands on personal safety and self protection skills as well as fun and fitness.

Corporate incentives and benefits are part of any organisations structure to keep top talent.  Booking a course in Womens Personal Safety and Self Protection will ensure the human resources manager uses the budget wisely allocated for "staff incentives"and does not fritter money away on activities that give little or no practical skills or benefit.

Benefits to your business

Attract top talent to your organisation
Reduce sickness and absenteesim
Enhance productivity and innovation
Reduce costs associated to the organisation
Increase collaboration and teamwork
Increase staff engagement
Build a place to work where no one wants to leave
Employees are safe for example getting to work and returning home
Seen as a leader in health and safety
Win win for employer and employee

Benefits to your employees

Increased confidence
Increase fitness levels and quality of health
increase in self awareness and personal safety

Learn practical skills in personal protection
Reduce sickness
Reduce anxiety and depression
increase social interaction and connection
Feeling of empowerment to tackle difficult situations
Increase feelings of safety for the employee

Perfect for

Corporate companies
Hospital & Medical
Teaching and education staff in schools, tafe and universities
Tourism & Hospitality
Community groups for women
Government organisations

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